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We service our customers by consulting, designing, and providing the safest and highest quality Surge Suppression units. These devices will increase system longevity while decreasing the overall maintenance costs of any equipment it is protecting. We can also provide our customers with the ability to remotely monitor their equipment and power distribution systems.

When thinking GREEN TECHNOLOGY think PhaseFree.  PhaseFree has an extensive background in solar and wind technology.  Solar hot water pumps and pump controllers are all susceptible to power anomalies; Solar associated equipment also requires the proper use of surge suppression that is often overlooked by many solar companies.  Solar and wind power is susceptible to induced voltages that are harmful at the point of entry onto the grid, increasing surge damages to your sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.  With that said those of you with generator back up power need to protect the load from that generator.  Contact PhaseFree’s engineers and have them walk you through what is required to protect your investment.

PhaseFree has forged relationships with some of the top TVSS manufacturers in the industry. This gives PhaseFree the unique ability and resources to custom build any Surge Suppression unit to meet your special needs. Steve Salka, one of PhaseFree’s owners, has an extensive background in electronic engineering gained while on active duty in the United States Navy. As the senior electronics officer, his responsibilities included oversight of the electronic systems on all aircraft carriers and air stations operated by the Navy, starting the Navy’s Surge Suppression program. Integrating surge suppression, from the carrier Navy to all ships in the fleet.  You’ll see other surge suppression companies copy the Return on Investment (R.O.I) data collected by Steve wile serving as the Navy’s Senior Electronic Officer, why talk to them, when you can go to the source.  This uniquely qualifies PhaseFree to deal with and solve any power quality problem in any industry.

Why not protect your investment with PhaseFree Surge Suppression?

We truly live up to our motto:

“Service with Integrity”

Made In America - Disabled Veteran owned, Hub Zone qualified.

GSA Number GS-07F-5667P.

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