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We provide the best protection for mission-critical electronics within military applications.

The PhaseFree TVSS has been specifically designed and tested for a marine environment. Similar replacement parts and maintenance man-hour reduction has been obtained in other installations and a variety of applications. This program was started in the US Navy by PhaseFree owner LCDR Steve Salka USN (Ret) while on active duty as the senior electronics’ officer. The return on investment and Manpower reduction studies were done at his request to insure that the TVSS units were cost effective.

At the request of LCDR Steve Salka the US Navy had undertaken various tests that have shown return on investment in a time period ranging from four to six months.

The US Navy documented maintenance costs on electrical systems before and after TVSS installation. Both parts cost and labor hours were recorded.

This study only took into account reduced parts and maintenance costs and did not assign a value to the other benefits, from increased uptime and equipment availability.

Replacement parts costs, which averaged over $10,000 per year before TVSS installation, dropped to zero after TVSS installation

Man-hours of maintenance dropped 84% to 96% after the installation of TVSS

Call for US Navy Shipboard NSN's

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