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PhaseFree is please to present our product: TE/1SSA Surge Arrester, of our Residential category.


PhaseFree designs and develops the finest quality electrical protection products for the residential market. Let us help you protect your investment in consumer electronics.

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TE/1SSA Surge Arrester

The TE/1SSA is an MOV based hardwired Secondary Surge Arresters, often referred to as a Lightning Arrester. The device is designed to protect electrical equipment from damaging effects of Spikes (+) and Notches (-) caused by lightning, utility switching, insulation arcing, electrical motor cycling, and other large or sudden changes in electrical power flow on incoming AC power lines.

The TE/1SSA is a two pole, split phase, three wire arrester intended to protect 120/240 VAC systems. This surge arrester is ideal protection for outdoor lighting, workshops, irrigation and sump pumps, refrigeration systems, electric motors and controls, heat pumps and air conditioning equipment as well as many other electrical devices.

* 25,000 amperes Surge Current Rating
* For 120/240 1 Phase 50/60 Hz. voltage systems
* Underwriters Laboratory Rated section OWHX
* Connects directly (hard wired) to equipment to be protected
* Installed by licenced electrical contractor
* Product Warranty 3 years
* 18\" Stranded 12 AWG Color Coded Leads
* Threaded 1/2\" NPT Conduit Nipple with Lock Nut

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TE/1SSA Surge Arrester


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