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PhaseFree is please to present our product: PerformMax, of our Event Production category.

Event Production

We protect professional sound and lighting equipment. "The Show Must Go On" -and- we make sure that is does.

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Surge damage happens. If left unsuppressed, these surges can cause critical damage or program lockup to the performance equipment, effecting the performance, and disappointing fans.

PerformMax surge protectors provide state of the art protection for your critical performance equipment. Utilizing the revolutionary new Surge Brix metal oxide based surge suppressor engine, PerformMax intercepts the surge in less than a billionth of a second, safely shuting it to ground. Able to withstand over 80,000 peak amps, the Surge Brix engine automatically resets and awaits the next surge... and the next... and the next.

Use it, abuse, it then use it again. In the past, surge protector designs have been too fragile to use in the rugged portable power protection environment. The recently developed and patented Surge Brix changes that. Drop it, kick it, drag it around... PerformMax is engineered to take it.

Protect your Investment.

Available Voltages

Surge Counter (Standard)

"The show must go on."

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