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PhaseFree is please to present our product: Medium Voltage, of our Oil Industry category.

Oil Industry

We provide transient voltage surge supression to keep your wells up and operational. The range of our protection covers voltage from 4160 to DC.

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Medium Voltage

Medium Voltage Parallel suppressor designed for Oil Industry Large Industrial Applications for Service Entrance, Distribution Panels and Individual Equipment Disconnects.

Design Features
Encapsulated for safety
Thermal Cutouts
Solid State Bi-directional
High Energy Parallel Design for Category B, and C3 Applications
External Mounting
Proven 40mm Technology

Performance Specification
Surge Capacity 120kA 240kA options
Protection Modes: All Mode L-L & L-G
Available for 3 Phase Delta Applications
Parallel Connected

Environmental Specification
Relative Humidity Range: 0 95% Non-Condensing
Operating Frequency: 60Hz
Operation Temperature: -40 C to +60 C
NEMA 4 Steel Enclosure Standard

Model Numbers

Voltage & Description


1500v 3 Phase Delta
120kA per phase


2500v 3 Phase Delta
120kA per phase


3000v 3 Phase Delta
120kA per phase


4160v 3 Phase Delta
240kA per phase

5 Year Warranty

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Medium Voltage


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