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PhaseFree is please to present our product: Power Transfer Cabinets (PTC) NEMA 1, of our Commercial category.


Protecting your sensitive electronic equipment protects your commercial investment. Let us design the systems that are right for your business.

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Power Transfer Cabinets (PTC) NEMA 1

Pantrol PTC series cabinet integrates service disconnect switch, transfer switch, load center and surge suppression in a cost effective product.

UL 891 Dead Front Switchboard Listed
Suitable For Use As Service Equipment
N-G Bonding Kit Included
Voltage; Single Phase or Three Phase
Current; Up to 400 amps
AIC Rating; Up to 65,000 amps
Service Disconnect or Mechanical Interlock
Service Disconnects
Load Center; 12, 24, 30, or 42 Position
AC Utility Power Fail Alarm Relay
Knockouts Configured for Top, Bottom or Side Entrance
Transient Voltage Surge Suppression
NEMA TYPE 1 Construction
Silkscreen Dead-Front
Captive Dead-Front Fasteners
Electrostatic Powder Coat Finish; ANSI 49, Light Grey
Dimensions; 46H x 22W x 7D inches

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Power Transfer Cabinets (PTC) NEMA 1



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