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PhaseFree is please to present our product: TE/1C40 Surge Suppressor, of our Residential category.


PhaseFree designs and develops the finest quality electrical protection products for the residential market. Let us help you protect your investment in consumer electronics.

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TE/1C40 Surge Suppressor

The TE/1C40 shields motor-driven and other AC powered appliances in your home against power surge damage. Keeps these surges, including lightning, from entering through your main electrical service panel.

Multiple MOV technology with thermal disconnect prevent catastrophic failure of the TE/1C40.

Two LEDs indicate protection status and an audible alarm alerts you if protection is disrupted.

Unique Ground Status Monitoring curcuit provides notification if excessive Neutral-Ground voltage is present.

* 40,000 amperes Surge Current Rating
* For 120/240 1 Phase 50/60 Hz. voltage systems
* Underwriters Laboratory Listed - 1449
* Connects to your home\'s Load Center through a 20A 2-pole circuit breaker
* Installed by licenced electrical contractor
* Product Warranty 10 years
* Connected Equipment Warranty 10 years (when installed by a qualified electrician)
* Available as Surface or Flush mount

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TE/1C40 Surge Suppressor


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