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Southern Ute Indian Tribe protected by PhaseFree Inc.



The Hampton Inn had a power problem dealing with their in-room movies.  After further investigating they were experiencing failures of pump controllers for their indoor pool and office computer failures and lock ups.

They decided to protect everything within their hotel starting at the power switch panel.  In doing this not only were the hotels equipment protected but, although not seen by their guests their computers are protected also.

To date they are failure free, stating that this upgrade is saving them every day in maintenance costs.

Southern Ute Indian Tribe protected by PhaseFree Inc.


Southern Ute Utilities Division
Headquarters Ignacio, Co.

The Southern Ute Growth Fund has kept an eye on PhaseFree, Inc for the past 3+ years after we protected  one of their gas gathering companies in 2005.   PhaseFree was asked to give them a brief on TVSS safety, focusing on the difference between off the shelf surge suppression and the units we use for the Military and our other clients.  This was after an off the shelf surge suppressor caught on fire they were using.  One very important fact to understand is that a surge suppressor is a sacrificial lamb used to sacrifice itself to protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, using surge suppression that is safe is paramount.

Shouldn’t you protect your equipment with surge suppression designed to be safe?

PhaseFree is honored to be working with them to standardize their Surge Suppression Program.

Southern Ute Indian Tribe protected by PhaseFree Inc.

Standardization for any company is a sign of experience.    What the Southern Ute Utilities Division wants is reliable trouble free equipment.  This pertains to anyone in today’s economy, decreasing maintenance dollars and increasing equipment operational times is the sign of a strong organization focusing on reducing operational costs.  The Waste Water Division decided after the Fresh Water division protected their equipment to standardize their operation by protecting everything.  AC Power, Data, Phone and Either Net are all protected with PhaseFree Surge Suppression.  For any company utilizing SCADA systems using the proper surge suppression will increase your systems operational up times and give you piece of mind that your system is a reliable part of your operation…

Fresh water and Waste water plant in Bayfield, Co. protected by PhaseFree Inc.

US Forest Service
Environmental Monitoring Station


US Forest Service Environmental Monitoring Station protected by PhaseFree Inc.

PhaseFree, Inc was asked by the US Forest Service to help make their remote Environmental Monitoring stations more reliable.  We were up to the task, first protecting the main power into the facility, next we protected the phone lines at the demark, assuring that their monitoring equipment would be isolated from any induced voltages and current through the phone lines.

The facility already had lightning rods installed on the antenna masts to help protect the equipment on the masts.  The problem here was that the 2 braded ground cables were made of brass and aluminum and the installer used a bronze connecting lug.  What does all this mean?  The dissimilar medal used created bi metallic corrosion; this corrosion eliminated a good medal to medal bond, there by eliminating a good ground for the lightning rods to function properly.  After 25 years in the Navy PhaseFree’s VP Steve Salka knows how to fix this problem.  If you have Lightning rods and your not quite sure if they are functioning as designed and you don’t have the proper surge suppression give PhaseFree a call and talk to Steve.   It’s very important to remember that without the proper surge suppression, lightning rods may cause more expense that you’re planning on.

US Forest Service Environmental Monitoring Station protected by PhaseFree Inc.



Desert Sun Coffee Roasters
of Durango Colorado

Desert Sun Coffee Roasters protected by PhaseFree Inc.

Desert Sun Coffee was experiencing power anomalies causing erratic operations with their computer controlled coffee roaster; with the installation of PhaseFree Surge Suppression there problems were solved.  Since their installation the manufacture of the roaster has been very interested in PhaseFree.  Our Surge Suppression has been installed on other roaster equipment to include Conscious Coffee in Boulder, CO.


Animas Surgical Hospital

Animas Surgical Hospital protected by PhaseFree Inc.

Animas Surgical Hospital experienced power riddled with anomalies and transients, being located next to the Animas River just added to the problem of lightning strikes.   During a lightning storm I just happened to be at the hospital when they lost most of their radiology department electronics.  The installed surge suppression was not sufficient enough to protect the sensitive electronics.  Utilizing proper surge suppression applications the Hospital is now PROTECTED.


Rivergate Lofts
Durango Co

Rivergate Lofts protected by PhaseFree Inc.

Rivergate Lofts, located within the city limits of Durango, Co. is a mixed residential and commercial community. With 14 commercial properties and 68 lofts, Rivergate provides residents with a diverse living environment.  The River Gate Lofts just happens to be the neighbor of the Animas Surgical Hospital.  The electrical engineer required surge suppression for the common areas of the building but neglected to require at minimum the main entrance surge suppression for the rest of the building.  The Condo Association heard about the work PhaseFree has done and requested that we provide a plan to protect the Lofts.  Completed September 2008.


Carver Brewing Company Durango, Co

Carver Brewing Company protected by PhaseFree Inc.

They are a craft brewing pioneer in the four corners area and have grown to a capacity of 1000 barrels a year (a barrel is 31 gallons). Their ales take from 14 to 40 days, depending on the style, to complete the boiling, cooling, fermentation and conditioning processes. All of their ales are less carbonated than American Lagers to allow their full flavors to be enjoyed and savored.

Carver understands the importance of perfection and protecting their investment.


Light Art Of Durango
Durango Co

Light Art Of Durango protected by PhaseFree Inc.

Protecting their investment, placing a PhaseFree Surge Suppressor on the main power panel to increase the longevity of there computer system, Elevator and state of the Art Lighting Systems.



SKA BReWING protected by PhaseFree Inc.




Bureau of Reclamation Western Colorado

Bureau of Reclamation Western Colorado protected by PhaseFree Inc.

Glacier Club

Glacier Club is dedicated to being among the world's finest residential communities built around a private golf course in Durango, CO. Glacier Club offers a mountain lifestyle that is virtually without equal.

PhaseFree Inc. was contacted to prescribe the best application of Surge Supperssion for their special needs.

Glacier Club protected by PhaseFree Inc.


US Cellular Field
Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox protected by PhaseFree Inc.  

The Illinois Sports Authority and the Chicago White Sox have been experiencing what all major cities experience all over the country, Transients, Surges and power anomalies all of which were causing problems for motors and sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.  It’s the distribution of electrical power that is the cause of most electrical problems. The stopping and starting of the large current drawing equipment through out the stadium was causing a lot of the internal anomalies within the power distribution system.  The florescent lights and the stadium lights as you can imagine create their own set of problems.  The anomalies observed prior to the installation of our Surge Suppression on one of their power panels had more than 27 transients large enough effect sensitive electronics in less than 11 min.    It’s not a problem only generated by the stadium but a problem generated by everyone on the power grid and everyday life.  These anomalies not only cause equipment failures but, how many times have you had your computer lock up?  You, re-boot the computer and everything is fine until the next lock up.  This is all caused by transients and power anomalies working on the internals components over a period of time.  

PhaseFree can help!
Shouldn’t you protect your investment Too?
It’s more than lightning hurting your equipment!

   Chicago White Sox protected by PhaseFree Inc. Photo ©2007 Bill Thom
US Cellular Field, Protected by PhaseFree, Inc.

Chicago White Sox protected by PhaseFree Inc.
One of many units used at the main Emergence Generator Panels feeding primary equipment. TE/XGA/PF with Integral Disconnect Switch when a spare breaker is not available. This unit is also equipped with a Surge Counter.
Chicago White Sox protected by PhaseFree Inc.
Chicago White Sox and the Mayor of Chicago's Briefing Room. TE/XT/PF with Surge Counter.
Chicago White Sox protected by PhaseFree Inc.
Chicago White Sox protected by PhaseFree Inc.
PROTECTED: The Mayor of Chicago and the Chicago White Sox briefing Room.
Chicago White Sox protected by PhaseFree Inc.
PROTECTED: Media Control Room.
Chicago White Sox protected by PhaseFree Inc.
PROTECTED: Flat Panel Televisions - Sports Bars.



P.O. Box 440, Bayfield, CO 81122-0440  

  Forest lakes Metropolitan District was experiencing a very high level of power anomalies, Lightning strikes and equipment failures.

Since the completion of the installation of PhaseFree, Inc. Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS) and data line surge suppression its business as usual.  PhaseFree was contacted via phone by the Forest Lakes manager, telling us that they were just hit by lightning and all of their sensitive electronics and pumps were still operational.  “Thanks to PhaseFree we can all get a good nights sleep”.  

   Forest Lakes Metropolitan District protected by PhaseFree Inc.  

  Forest Lakes Metropolitan District supplies fresh water and waste water treatment for over 700 new homes just north of Bayfield Colorado. When they completed the recent waste water treatment plant upgrade it came with surge suppression manufactured by another manufacture. They promptly removed them and installed PhaseFree Surge Suppression.  

Forest Lakes Metropolitan District protected by PhaseFree Inc.Forest Lakes Metropolitan District protected by PhaseFree Inc.
Forest Lakes Metropolitan District protected by PhaseFree Inc.Forest Lakes Metropolitan District protected by PhaseFree Inc.


     Telluride Colorado

  The town of Telluride Colorado decided to use PhaseFree, Inc. Surge Suppression on all of their Town Buildings.
The Town Offices, Marshals Office, Parks and Recreation to the Waste Water Treatment Plant everything is now protected from Transient Voltages Surges, Bad or Intermittent Power. Those of you that attend the Telluride Blue Grass Festival each year as a performer can rest assured that your sound equipment is protected at the main power riser on stage.  

Does the town of Telluride Colorado know something that your town doesn't?  

   Telluride Colorado protected by PhaseFree Inc.  

University of Hawaii Research Vessel, Kilo Moana

“You have made such a difference in the operation of our PLC’s and Shipboard electronics. Thank you again for helping us get the ship operating like it was designed.”

The ship was experiencing electronic problems from large current drawing systems on board that were frequently stopping and starting. The use of properly designed surge suppression helps to eliminate the effects of large inductive loads stopping and starting on sensitive electronic equipment.

Durango Mountain Resort, Colorado

The resort has been testing PhaseFree Inc. surge suppression for the past two Ski seasons with very positive results. Durango Mountain Resort understands the need for equipment reliability and reduced equipment down times. The Ski lifts are now protected from AC power anomalies and data line surges induced into sensitive lift electronics.

Most Construction, Colorado

Brad and Karen Most of Most Construction know the meaning of custom built homes.

Brad and Karen ensure that every detail is addressed during the construction phase of their quality built homes. Most Construction has added PhaseFree Surge Suppression to their homes as a standard upgrade to ensure that the new home owner’s new appliances, computers, televisions and sensitive electronic and electrical systems are protected from power surges, power anomalies and lightening. Protecting your investment!

TVSS Installed... Protection by PhaseFree.


    This beautiful log cabin has it all, a view, open spaces, security system, Movie Theater, flat screen televisions in each room and PhaseFree. Inc, Surge Suppression.    

   Luxury Homes protected by PhaseFree Inc.  

   A local builder, in Telluride. Co. uses  PhaseFree Surge Suppression on these massive luxury homes because he wants safety, reliability and a company that backs up there product.  


     MCAS Miramar Air Station the previous location of the US Navy's TOPGUN

  After the success LCDR Steve Salka (USN Ret) (VP PhaseFree, Inc.) had while on active duty with the Navy's Surge Suppression program MCAS decide to have PhaseFree Inc. protect their sensitive electronic equipment. The US Military understands the importance of equipment up times and decreasing Equipment  Maintenance costs... Shouldn't You Protect Your Investment?  

   MCAS MIRAMAR protected by PhaseFree Inc.  

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